Friday, March 21, 2008

2008 silver thong

back to byron

In 2007 10/4 technology opens a sales outlet in Byron Bay Industrial Estate. 10/4 was also doing volunteer work as a lighting tech in the theater of the Byron Community and Cultural Centre. In march an exhibition at the BCCC culminated in the generation of 2 new multiples from 10/4.

the minibook

Book Me For Being Different mini-books ('Standard' and 'Delux' editions)

Exhibition catalogue Kylies Dog Dreams of Paradise @ Inflight May 2003

Mini-books from Singapore 2005

There have been many minibooks from 10/4 technology. Some are exhibition catalogs and some are one off or markers in a series of manifestations. Here are a few.

10/4 over & out

Later in 2000 10/4 held the exhibition 10/4 Over & Out at the gallery space in the Union building of UTAS in Sandy Bay. This was for a MFAD examination and was the culmination of a study period in Tasmania for Ford. A Packet of Landscapes was the exhibition catalogue for the panorama section of the show. The packet contained all the panoramic images generated during 1999 and 2000.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

vernacular spectacular

In 2000 I was involved in the exhibition Vernacular Spectacular at the Republic Hotel North Hobart with Craig Ball and Leonie. This occasion was probably the single event that produced the biggest variety of multiples I have made at any one time. The show was well thought out from our manifesto to opening night and included a variety of works that critiqued the new century and what it meant for Australians. Some of our targets were the Olympic Games, the Howard government, the republic debate, drug company marketing, sports hero marketing and communications marketing. This wide range of themes led to an interesting exhibition.

the silver thong

In the years of 1994/5 I had a studio at the Chocolate Factory in Lismore. My work there was about Archcerart (Architectural and Ceramic Art). I was offering custom made /designed tiles. While there I organised and curated the exhibition Let's Clay With Fire. It was a major coup to attract all the best ceramists from the Northern Rivers into one show. The Chocolate Factory had an exhibition space as well as a number of artist studios. There was a silversmith there Juan Hoft who I commissioned to copy the ceramic thongs in metal; silver and brass alloy. These were packaged in a new design matchbox with a copperplate etching cover and sold as multiples along with the slowly decreasing supply of the ceramic version.

working with the cultural drifter

In the summer of 1994/5 I worked with Santiago Bose on a paper making project that culminated with the exhibition Journals of a Cultural Drifter at Southern Cross University Art Gallery. Bose pioneered the use of indiginous materials and this was a focus in the workshop. Some of Santiago's work can be seen here. The project was for me an opportunity to learn about paper making, a subject that had intrigued me for most of my life. It has been an ongoing project for me since it started a passion for paper making and works on paper. Santiago's approach to paper making and art left a permanent impression on my own practice. I couldn't have had a better starting point as a paper maker. For my part in the project I made my Bad Boy Boxist series that included some ceramic Thong(s) in a Matchbox. This is where the 10/4 thong was born. I had to utilise paper clay to be able to roll out the straps to be thin enough so as to remain flexible without drying out. This was a realisation for me at the time as I had always concidered paper clay as a medium for large work. My ceramic thongs were used in my instalation in the exhibition and published as a multiple to celebrate the occasion.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

mini books & multiples

I have been making mini-books and multiples for some time now so I have set up this blog to document all that I can remember making. Over the next few weeks I will show multiples from Vernacular Spectacular, the 10/4 thong in ceramics or silver, the latest Exhibition in a Box, Packet of Landscapes, Optel Phones for Artists, Book Me for Being Different and more. So watch this space and watch the catalogue grow!